‚ÄčIntegrative Music Therapy LLC provides music therapy services for Optimal Rhythms, Inc.  With a shared mission, these two organizations are providing increased access to necessary services for individuals in our community.  We encourage you to support this sister organization with your financial gifts and/or volunteer efforts.

Optimal Rhythms, Inc. is a non-profit organization founded by Casey DePriest in 2013.  The organization began out of the needs expressed by a community which loves and supports individuals with neuro-behavioral differences and neurologic injuries and disease.  We recognize, in order to adequately support the needs of this population, services must be accessed earlier and provided across a continuum of care that meets the social, emotional, cognitive, behavioral, psychomotor, and educational needs of these individuals.  New research is revealing the need for sensory motor focused supports where traditional behavioral approaches have not provided desired responses.

Optimal Rhythms, Inc. | ACCESS Academy is an exciting new resource, intended to support the public and private schools in our community.  ACCESS Academy, a private therapeutic day school, brings an alternative option in education and therapeutic services in the tai-state area for students with autism spectrum disorder and other complex communication challenges.

Changing lives through the power of music and rhythm